An Overview Of Allergic Asthma 


Allergies play a part in the lives of many people. If you suffer from different types of allergies, it can affect what you eat, and even the way you breathe. When allergies combine with asthma, it is called allergic asthma. If you suffer from allergic asthma, your airways will tighten when you breathe in an allergen. The allergen can be something in the air, like pollen, spores, or dander. These allergens are also called triggers as they set off your asthma. 


When you suffer from allergies, your body will create a response to things that it thinks are a threat, which is the allergen. Your body will fire up all of its defenses to fight off danger and this will be done by the immune system of the body. Typically, our immune system works to protect our body from diseases. When the immune system of your body thinks that there is danger, a chemical called immunoglobulin E will be released to fight back and protect your body. But, high amounts of immunoglobulin E can tighten your airway, leading to breathing issues. 


Asthma can make your airways:

  • Irritated or swollen, especially in the airway linings. 
  • Narrow as the muscles around the airways tighten. 
  • Secrete large amounts of mucus. 


How Common Is Allergic Asthma? 

As per the experts in many low-income health clinics and other affordable health clinics, many people suffering from asthma actually have allergic asthma. It is one of the most common types of asthma in the country and about sixty percent of people suffering from asthma have allergic asthma. 


Causes Of Allergic Asthma 

The causes of asthma are not yet known to the scientific world. But for those suffering from allergic asthma, the reason symptoms start is related to exposure to allergens. In the case of allergic asthma, when allergens are inhaled, asthma symptoms are triggered. When severe asthma symptoms are experienced, it is called an asthma attack. 


Allergic Asthma Triggers

Allergens are found all around us. If you suffer from allergic asthma and inhale these allergens, it can trigger your symptoms. Therefore, it is important for you to understand what can trigger your symptoms so that you can effectively control your allergic asthma. If you suffer from allergic asthma or other allergic disorders, you can visit a low-income health clinic in your area to get yourself diagnosed and ensure proper treatment.

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