Allergens such as weeds, pollens, and even chemical exposure may sometimes result in the stimulation of our immune system and trigger it to react adversely. The reaction of the immune system can lead to symptoms like itchy or watery eyes, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, and headaches. If you or any other members of your family are consistently showing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you might be suffering from some sort of allergy. The best thing you can do now is to schedule an appointment at an affordable health clinic and undergo allergy testing.

The health care provider from most low income clinics will initially ask you a few questions such as when these symptoms were first noticed, how common  they are, and if anyone else in your family is showing these symptoms as well. Answering these questions will help the care provider to develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.

In addition to that, your health care provider will also advise you to reduce exposure to allergens during your initial visit to the affordable health clinic. During your second visit, they will once again review your health conditions and if you are still having allergy issues, they will then ask you to take medications to counter the allergens.

Common anti-allergen medications such as steroid sprays, nasal decongestant, and antihistamines are usually very efficient in controlling the symptoms of allergies. However, in certain instances, health care providers may also advise you to get allergy drops or shots, which help build up the immune response of your body to the allergens. Conducting an allergy test during your initial visit to low income clinics is also highly recommended.

The most popular type of testing for inhalant allergies is skin prick testing. Health care providers introduce allergen extracts through the superficial and tiny pores in your skin during the test. The reactivity level is then measured by assessing the size of the skin welt, which occurs at each individual testing site. This test is usually performed on the back of the patient.

One of the key benefits of undergoing an allergy testing is that it helps you to determine the extent of your allergy issues. Moreover, the information gained during the tests on substances that you are allergic to will help you to stay away from them. After proper allergy testing, your care provider will check the results obtained and develop an appropriate treatment plan to counter the issues.

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    Dr. Ghassan M. Al-Jazayrly, MD

    A graduate of University of Aleppo Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Al-Jazayrly or, as he is colloquially known: Dr. AJ, is an oncologist and hematologist of a Complete Care Community Health Center (CCCHC) with more than 36 years of experience. In recent years, he’s been involved with a non profit organization known as Every Woman Counts (EWC) which provides free breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services to California’s underserved populations in order to eliminate health disparities for low-income individuals.

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