The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is aimed at offering a package that combines prescription drugs, medical care, and long-term care for elderly people. This program helps disabled and weak individuals who are above the age of fifty-five to live as independently as possible, within their community.

As a member of the program, you will have a team of healthcare professionals that work with you to coordinate every aspect of your healthcare. The healthcare team and you will work to make an efficient care plan that will help you to meet all your medical and long-term care requirements. The program includes the use of community care resources, use of supports, and paid services from healthcare providers.

Highlights of the Program

Most of the affordable health clinics offer the PACE program in their locality. Some of the important highlights of the program are discussed below.

No Deductibles, Co-Pays, or Insurance Gaps

Members of the PACE program will have access to long-term care, medical care services, and prescription drugs without the need to worry about co-pays, insurance bills, insurance gaps, or deductibles.

PACE is an all-inclusive program in the true sense. Community care will be accountable and will provide all care. However, you will be financially responsible for all care that you receive from out-of-network providers without any approval from your health care team, except at times of emergency.

A Team of Professionals

Each member of the PACE program will be assigned to a team of healthcare professionals who are experienced in handling adults and their healthcare issues. Usually, the PACE care team will include a social worker, a primary care physician, nurses, and many other professionals.

You Have an Active Role in your Healthcare

Members of the PACE program, their family members, and authorized persons play an active role in developing care plans. The healthcare providers will work with you to figure out the supports and services needed to ensure better outcomes that are identified and outlined in your healthcare regime.

Manage your Own Services

As a member of the program, you have the option to choose Self-Directed Supports (SDS). This can be selected to manage some or all of your long-term care targets and services. Opting for SDS means that you will have more control on how and from where you get your services. You can choose this option if you need to be more involved in your own services.

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