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Some Effective Ways To Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Doctor counting medicine on counter

If you ever had a urinary tract infection, you will know how painful it can be, especially if the infection
keeps coming back. Though antibiotics can help clear up urinary tract infections in a few days, there are
some simple steps you can take to prevent getting a urinary tract infection in the first place. Health
experts in our free women’s health clinic advise women to start with the below changes to say goodbye
to frequent urination, burning sensation and other unpleasant symptoms of UTIs.

Drink A Lot Of Water And Relieve Yourself Often: Flushing bacteria out of your urinary tract is the
simplest way to prevent a urinary tract infection. You need to ensure that the bacteria does not set in
your urinary tract, and for that, make sure that you are well hydrated. When you are well-hydrated, it
will be very difficult for you to go too long without relieving yourself.

Wipe From Front To Back: Health experts say that bacteria will be present in large numbers around the
anus. Therefore, if you wipe from front to back, they are not much likely to make it to your urethra. This
should be done especially after a bowel movement.

Clean Genitals Before Sex And Urinate After It: Make sure to wash up before sex using soap and water.
This can help keep away bacteria from the urethra. Also, urinating after sex can help push out any
bacteria that entered the urinary tract during sexual intercourse.

Stay Away From Irritating Feminine Products: Avoid irritating feminine products like scented powders,
douches, sprays, etc.

Reconsider Birth Control Measures: Using a spermicide, diaphragm or condoms lubricated with
spermicide can increase your chances of getting a urinary tract infection as all these can lead to bacterial
growth. If you often get urinary tract infections and use any of these birth control measures, you need
to switch to a lubricant that is water-based for vaginal dryness and consider some other birth control
measures to see if it helps.

If you get UTIs frequently, visit an affordable health clinic in your area to ensure proper treatment. Some
doctors also advise women who get frequent UTIs to use cotton underwear, avoid clothing that is overly
tight and take showers instead of baths. While these are really simple measures that you can easily
adopt, none of them are supported by scientific data.