Testicular Cancer And Its Complications 


On being diagnosed with testicular cancer, it is natural to think about what caused it. However, medical science is still unsure about the exact cause of the problem. One thing is sure, testicular cancer is one of the most treatable cancers, even in the advanced stages and it is not life-threatening in most cases.


What Is Testicular Cancer? 

Men have two testicles or testes, which are one of the many glands present in the body. These testicles produce sperm and male hormones and hang under the penis in a pouch called the scrotum or scrotal sack. Each of the testicles will be connected to a spermatic cord that is made of a sperm duct, blood vessels, and nerves. Cancer affecting the testicles is called testicular cancer and can spread slowly or quickly.


What Are The Conditions Associated With Testicular Cancer? 

Researchers have studied the causes of testicular cancer and have found many things that can increase the chances of getting this cancer. These include:


Family History 

As per the studies, testicular cancer can run through the generations and can be transferred from parent to child. If you have a family history of testicular cancer, visit an affordable health clinic in your area and get yourself tested for the same.


Undescended Testicle 

It is found that testicular cancer occurs often in men who were born with cryptorchidism. The testes form in the lower belly of a male baby at the early stage of pregnancy. These testes drop down into the scrotal sack not too long before birth. However, for about 3 or 4 out of 100 infants, this will not happen naturally, and this condition is called cryptorchidism. The chances of cryptorchidism can go up if the baby is born early.


HIV Infection 

It is found that the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS is linked to testicular cancer. This is yet another reason for you to get yourself tested in a free STD and HIV testing in your area if you notice any symptoms of infection.


Fertility Issues 

If you have problems making a woman pregnant, you might be suffering from testicular cancer. Therefore, you should ask your healthcare provider to screen you.


Other Disorders 

Men with genetic disorders like Down syndrome are at a high chance of developing testicular cancer. If you suffer from such disorders, request your doctor to screen you for cancer.

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