The Basics Of Spinal Disc Problems


Anyone who has experienced spinal disk damage knows how painful it is. Every movement can
seem to make the problem worse. Experts in low income health clinics opine that the pain in
the spinal disc is a warning sign that you should give the necessary attention to the problem. If
you get the proper treatment, the discomfort will stop and the issue can be corrected.
The spinal discs are the pads between the vertebrae. These are called intervertebral discs and
each disc is a circular, flat capsule with a diameter of about an inch and a thickness of a quarter
inch. These discs are firmly embedded between the vertebrae and are strongly held in place by
the spinal ligaments. There is only very little space for the discs to move. The points on which
the vertebrae move and turn are called facet joints. These joints stick out like arched wings on
each side of the rear of the vertebrae. The facet joints keep the vertebrae from twisting or
bending excessively, thereby protecting the spinal cord and nervous network running through
the center of the spinal cord from damage.

Spinal Disc Problems

Spinal discs are sometimes described as the shock absorber for the spine, which makes it sound
much more flexible than it really is. Though the discs separate the vertebrae and prevent them
from rubbing together, they do not have any spring action. In the early adulthood stages, the
blood supply to the discs will stop and the soft inner material will harden, making the discs less
elastic. These changes can make the outer protective lining of the discs weaker making them
more prone to injury. Some of the common spinal disc problems are discussed below.

Herniated Disc

The inner material of a disc can swell under stress and push it through its outer membrane. This
can make the disc bulge in spots and the complete disc can become distorted. A herniated disc
can lead to extreme pain and if nerves are affected, you may experience pain radiating to an
arm or leg. If you suffer from extreme back pain, visit an affordable health clinic in your area to
get yourself checked.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Many disc problems are sometimes collectively termed degenerative disc disease. Changes can
occur in the condition of the discs due to aging and it is quite natural. However, poor body
posture, poor muscle tone, and being overweight can lead to strain on the spine. If you

experience such problems, make sure to get professional help from a low income health clinic
as soon as possible.

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