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Pregnancy can be an exciting time for many women and can inspire them to make healthier lifestyle choices. The tips that are shared below by expert obstetricians in free women’s clinics and other affordable health clinics can help women optimize their health before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Eat Healthy To Ensure Healthy Weight 

It is especially important for pregnant women to eat healthy foods. Your baby needs proper nutrients to grow healthy in your womb. Add many colorful vegetables and fruits, food items rich in calcium, whole grains, and food items that are low in saturated fats to your diet. Also, make sure that you have a healthy weight as getting proper body weight during pregnancy can ensure that your baby grows to a healthy weight. Therefore, ensure that your body weight during pregnancy is appropriate. 

Ensure Physical Activity 

Almost all women should be physically active during their pregnancy period. As per the present physical activity guidelines for pregnant women, it can help the woman and baby gain proper weight, decrease bloating, backaches and cramps, cut down the risk of gestational diabetes, and decrease the chances of postpartum depression. There is also evidence that physical activity in pregnant women can decrease the risk of problems like preeclampsia, reduce the chances of a C-section and decrease the length of labor and postpartum recovery. 

Do Not Drink Or Smoke

Never drink alcohol before, during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding. Pregnant women consuming alcohol can increase the chances of having a baby with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which can result in severe learning problems, abnormal facial features, and behavioral problems in children. Drinking alcohol can impact the health of the baby in the earliest stages of pregnancy, even before a woman knows that she is pregnant. Therefore, it is important for you to not drink if you are planning for a baby. Smoking can also be unhealthy for you and your unborn child. Smoking may result in premature birth, sudden infant death syndrome, and other negative outcomes. 

Go To Prenatal Care Checkups 

You need to get regular prenatal care check ups if you are pregnant. Healthcare providers in free women’s clinics in your area can ensure proper prenatal care for you. As per the experts in affordable health clinics, pregnant women who do not get regular prenatal care are more likely to give birth to a baby with low birth weight and other issues. You may also consider group prenatal care, if available.

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    A graduate of University of Aleppo Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Al-Jazayrly or, as he is colloquially known: Dr. AJ, is an oncologist and hematologist of a Complete Care Community Health Center (CCCHC) with more than 36 years of experience. In recent years, he’s been involved with a non profit organization known as Every Woman Counts (EWC) which provides free breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services to California’s underserved populations in order to eliminate health disparities for low-income individuals.

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