What Secretly Puts You More In Danger Of Prostate Cancer


As per the latest data from the American Cancer Society, around one man out of eight would develop prostate cancer. For that reason, it is worth knowing the factors that make you more likely to develop the condition. As per affordable health clinic experts, it is not possible to change some prostate cancer risk factors, but you can change others. Keep reading to know which of those risk factors are for men.

The Unchangeable Risk Factors

It is impossible to change three main factors that put you more in danger of developing this cancer type: family history, age and ethnicity.


Prostate cancer risk increases with age. Around six in ten cases of prostate cancer occur in men who are aged 65 years or above; it is a rare condition in people aged below 40 years.

Family History

Do you have a brother or father with a prostate cancer diagnosis? If so, it would increase your possibility of developing the condition by more than twofold.


Black men are more likely to develop the condition at a much younger stage in life and in a more aggressive form as compared to white men.

That said, you can change some prostate cancer risk factors, including the following.

The Changeable Risk Factors


It can promote inflammation right through your body, which is perhaps associated with the initiation of prostate cancer or its progression. Obesity can drive up your hormone count in a way that possibly promotes cancer growth. Some hormones such as somatomedin C can encourage prostate cancer development. Obesity has a close connection with low levels of physical activity too.

High Testosterone Level

Your body can be high in testosterone, due to hormone treatment for a condition like prostate gland enlargement, which may make you more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Excessive Drinking

Consuming excessive levels of alcohol is likely to harm the DNA present in your cells, and that can contribute to cancerous cell development.


Cigarette smoking is another factor associated with prostate cancer development. It is because of the possibility of the tobacco items harming the said DNA and contributing to cancerous cell growth.

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When you have one of those risk factors, discuss the suitability of screening for you with a doctor. As per the experts in low income clinics, the key to effective treatment is early diagnosis.

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