Different Types Of Oncologists And Their Specialties

Different Types Of Oncologists And Their Specialties Mar,16,2023

Oncology is a specialized branch of medicine that focuses on cancer treatment including research,
diagnosis, and treatment. The treatment of cancer involves different medical procedures and therefore
needs a specialty team. Doctors who are specialized in the treatment of cancer are called oncologists.
There are many low-income affordable health clinics in the country and as a low income health clinic, we
share the details of the different types of oncologists and their specialties.

Types Of Oncologists

Depending upon the nature, location and stage of cancer, there are different types of oncologists
providing their specialized services in cancer treatment. There are mainly three divisions in the field of
oncology. These are surgical, radiation and medical. Apart from these three main divisions, there are
also many sub-divisions. The major types of oncologists are discussed below.

Medical Oncologist

These are doctors who treat cancers making use of chemotherapy and other medications like
immunotherapy or targeted therapy. A medical oncologist will be the primary care provider for a person
suffering from cancer and will lead the development of the cancer treatment. The professional work in
conjunction with other departments to ensure the best results.

Radiation Oncologist

These are doctors who treat cancer using radiation therapy. This therapy makes use of high-energy X-
rays to destroy cancerous cells. When it is difficult to completely kill cancer cells, oncologists will make
use of radiation to slow down the growth of tumor cells or reduce the tumor without destroying the
neighboring tissues. This type of therapy is called palliative therapy and the main objective of the
therapy is to improve the quality of life of the patient by reducing the tumor growth and the symptoms
related to it. Sometimes, the radiation oncologist will also undertake brachytherapy to treat the
patients. In this type of therapy, radioactive sources will be directly implanted into or near the tumor.

Surgical Oncologist

A surgical oncologist is a surgeon who is specialized in the removal of cancerous tumors via surgery.
Surgical oncologists are basically general surgeons undertaking extra training in oncology and other
surgical procedures related to it. This type of oncologist will also be specialized in some types of biopsies
to help diagnose cancer.

Apart from the above major subdivisions, there are also sub-divisions like pediatric oncologists, neuro-
oncologists, gynecologic oncologists, and hematologist-oncologists. Depending on the type of cancer
that you are suffering from the type of oncologist will vary. If you or your loved one suffers from any
type of cancer, you can visit a low income health clinic in your area to ensure proper treatment.

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