Modern women have many decisions to make in case of pregnancy, and abortion is one among them. If you are considering abortion, your healthcare provider may discuss with you the options and methods that you have for abortion. The healthcare provider may offer you an in-clinic abortion option, or you may be offered an abortion pill.

You may be considering having an in-clinic abortion, may be concerned about a woman who is preparing to have one, or you may be just curious to know about the various abortion methods. Some of the important points that women considering in-clinic abortion must know are discussed below in this article.


If the woman considering abortion is under the age of eighteen, the state regulation may require having permission from one or both of the parents for the abortion, or be told of the decision to have the abortion. However, in many of the states, the person can ask a judge to excuse her from the above requirements.

Technically, abortion is the medical procedure used to end a pregnancy. Experts claim that the in-clinic abortion methods are effective and safe. This type of abortion is also called surgical abortion, where the procedure works by using a suction to take a pregnancy out of the uterus of the person.

There are different types of in-clinic abortion procedures and your healthcare provider will help you know the type of in-clinic abortion that is best for you, depending on your physical conditions and the condition of your pregnancy.

Vacuum abortion or suction abortion is the most commonly used type of in-clinic abortion technique. The method uses suction and medical tools to empty the uterus of the person. This method can be used until fourteen to sixteen weeks after the last period of the person undergoing abortion.


This type of abortion is very effective and the technique works more than ninety-nine times out of hundred. Chances of repeat procedures due to ineffectiveness are very rare in this type of abortion. However, the kind of abortion that you can choose should depend on your personal preferences and physical conditions.

Some women choose in-clinic abortion, as they wish to have the procedure done at a health clinic. Besides, this technique is much faster than the abortion pill and will take just a few minutes to complete; whereas, abortion with medications will take about twenty-four hours to finish.

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