Understanding Chronic Allergies


Many people suffer from allergies and ask whether their allergies will go away on their own or if they
are chronic. The answer to this is not always simple. The case with each person is different. As per
healthcare experts, some people, especially children may outgrow their allergies. In some others, allergy
symptoms can lighten up with age. This can be because of the weakening of the immune system with
age which will make the system unable to muster a strong reaction to the allergen. However, as an
adult, once you have an allergy, it usually will not go away on its own.

What To Do When Allergies Worsen Over Time?

It is common in some people to experience worsening allergies over time. This can be especially true in
the case of allergies to food items, bee stings, latex, etc, which can lead to more serious reactions with
exposure to allergens.

Will You Get More Allergies?

If the symptoms of your allergy seems worse, there could be some other reason for it. As per the health
experts in our affordable health clinic, you might be suffering from a secod allergy. This is because,
having one allergy can make you much more likely to get others. Therefore, if your allergy symptoms are
more sever, you should visit a low income health clinic in your area to find out the cause of your allergy
and treat it.

Managing Allergies

Allergies can interact in unexpected ways. For example, about one in three people who are allergic to
pollen grains can also be allergic to food items that have same type of proteins in them, like some fruits
and vegetables. Health experts call this oral allergy syndrome. This means that if you are exposed to
both, you can have really severe allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important to manage your symptoms
and let your healthcare provider know if you notice any changes.

While managing allergy symptoms, you need to understand that the amount of exposure can make a
really big difference. If you are allergic to peanuts, you many be able to eat one or two without any
symptoms. However, once you eat more than that, you can experience allergic reactions. This means
that there is always a threshold or tipping point for people suffering from allergies. Understanding this
threshold will help you handle some level of exposure and will help you avoid too much exposure.

The problems with allergies is that you won’t be able to predict how you will recover. Therfore, if you
have some type of allergy, you should avoid the trigger factors completely.

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