Understanding Podiatry Services 


Podiatrists are medical professionals who can help with problems affecting your lower legs. These professionals can also treat complications and injuries from ongoing medical conditions like diabetes. 

Are Podiatrists Doctors? 

Podiatrists are considered doctors, but they do not attend traditional medical schools. They have their own schools. These professionals can reset broken bones, perform surgery, order X-rays and lab tests, and prescribe medications. 

Education And Training Of Podiatrists 

Students wishing to become a podiatrist should study biology, physics, and chemistry together with other science classes to make themselves ready for podiatry school. Most of these students will get a bachelor’s degree in a field of science and then they will attend podiatry school for a period of four years. Here, they will study how bones, muscles, and nerves work together to let you move your body. They will also study the injuries and illnesses that can affect our feet. This includes ways to diagnose the problems, treat them and perform surgery whenever needed. 

After graduating from a podiatry school, they work in an affordable health clinic or a hospital for a period of three years. In the low income clinics and hospitals, they work with other doctors like surgeons, pediatricians, and other specialists. After the completion of the residency period, they can get advanced certifications in ankle and feet surgery. 

Common Conditions Treated By Podiatrists 

Podiatrists can treat people of any age for various conditions. Some of them are: 

Sprains And Fractures:

These are common injuries treated by podiatrists. Podiatrists also work in sports medicine and offer treatment to foot problems of athletes and suggest ways to avoid these problems. 

Hammertoes And Bunions:

Bunions and hammertoes are caused by problems with bones in your feet. A bunion is formed when the joint at the base of your big toe gets bigger. 


Arthritis is a common condition that can lead to mobility issues. It can occur as a result of wear and tear of joints, or due to inflammation and swelling. Our feet have thirty-three joints and arthritis in any of these joints can lead to issues with mobility. Physical therapy, shoe inserts, special shoes, or medications might be recommended by a podiatrist to treat your condition. 

Morton’s Neuroma:

Nerve issues between the third and fourth bones of your feet can result in burning sensation, pain, etc. This problem is usually seen among runners. Overpronation and tight shoes can worsen the condition.

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