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A Los Angeles low income clinic doctor discusses the types of hypotension.

Types of Low Blood Pressure or Hypotension

A marginal drop in blood pressure is a normal thing and does not lead to any noticeable symptoms. However, if […]

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A doctor at a los angeles low income clinic discusses hypotension.

Everything You Need to Know About Hypotension

Hypotension or low blood pressure might not seem like a serious health issue. In fact, it does not cause any […]

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A doctor and patient at a los angeles low income community clinic.

What is Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia and How it Can Be Treated?

Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia is a specific type of cancer that affects the bone marrow and white blood cells. The condition leads […]

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A doctor at a los angeles clinic.

Causes and Symptoms of Whipple Disease

Whipple disease is a rare form of bacterial infection, which affects the joints and digestive system of the patient. The […]

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