Even though you might have read a lot about pregnancy and consulted with other moms about pregnancy symptoms, you might wonder at times if the pregnancy symptoms, that you are experiencing, are normal or not. If you keep on having such doubts, it is wiser to schedule a visit to our affordable health clinic and ensure that you are healthy.

The experienced health care providers at our free women’s clinic will initially evaluate your current health condition and ask you a few questions about the symptoms that you are experiencing. This will give them a clear idea on whether the pregnancy symptoms are normal or not. If they are not, then our care providers will draft a health care plan to help you get better.

If you experience any one of these below-mentioned pregnancy symptoms, get in touch with our affordable health clinic as soon as possible.

Pain in the Middle or Upper Stomach

Sharp or severe pain in your upper or middle stomach region with or without vomiting or nausea should be taken seriously. This is because these symptoms mean that you might be suffering from severe indigestion, stomach bug, food poisoning, or heartburn. However, if you are experiencing these symptoms in the second half of your pregnancy, it might be due to pre-eclampsia.

Pain in Lower Belly

Severe pain in either one side of your belly or on both the sides of your lower belly needs to be immediately examined to make sure that there is nothing serious. Stretching or pulling out a ligament might be the major culprit behind the pain, but it could also be a sign of some other issue. Pain in lower belly might also be due to:

  • Miscarriage
  • Premature labor
  • An ectopic pregnancy
  • Breaking down of the fibroid
  • Placental abruption

Vaginal Bleeding

Very light vaginal bleeding without pain is actually common during the early stages of pregnancy, as it usually is breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding gets typically resolved within a few days’ time and it will not cause any sorts of harms to your baby, but it is always best to seek the opinion of a health care provider.

Vaginal bleeding that appears different from your regular period with persistent and severe pain in your tummy can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy. Additionally, heavy bleeding with abdominal pain or a persistent backache might be a sign of miscarriage.

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