Different Types Of Bone Fractures


In the opinion of experts, overuse, trauma and osteoporosis are some of the common causes of bone
fracture. Healthcare experts in our low income health clinic share the details of various types of bone
fractures and their causes.

Basics Of Bone Fracture

Bone fractures can be of different types and each type can have small variations. Some of the most
common types of bone fractures as per the experts in low income medical clinics are:

Transverse Fracture

These are breaks that occur in a straight line across the bone. Traumatic events like automobile
accidents or falls can lead to this type of fracture.

Greenstick Fracture

This is a partial bone fracture. In this type of fracture, the bones bend and break but do not separate
into different pieces. Most likely children experience this type of fracture as their bones are flexible and

Compression Fracture

Compression fractures occur when bones are crushed. The broken will be flatter and wider in
appearance than before the injury. Usually, compression fractures occur in the spine and can lead to the
collapse of your vertebrae.

Spiral Fracture

As the name suggests, this type of fracture spirals around the bone. Spiral fractures can be caused by
twisting injuries from sports, an accident or during a physical attack, and can occur in the long bones in
our body.

Stress Fracture

These fractures are also called hairline fractures and look like a crack. These fractures can be really
difficult to diagnose with regular X-rays. Oftentimes, repetitive motions like running can lead to stress

Segmental Fracture

This can occur when the same bone is fractured in two places, leading to a segment of bone floating
between the breaks. Segmental fractures mainly occur on long bones in our body.

Avulsion Fracture

This type of fracture occurs when a bone fragment is pulled off by a ligament or a tendon. Avulsion
fractures are more common in children. Sometimes, the ligament of a child can pull hard enough to
fracture a growth plate.

Comminuted Fracture

In this type of fracture, the bone will be broken into three or more pieces. High impact trauma to bones
such as one from an automobile accident can lead to this type of fracture.
The medical teams in our affordable health clinics have very good expertise in many orthopedic
subspecialties. If you have concerns about bone health, fractures or osteoporosis, you can get in touch
with our experts.

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