Maintaining good sexual health is vital for women in producing healthy offspring. For this, regular check-ups in a clinic is highly necessary for ensuring normal reproductive health and in preventing the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). This can commonly occur among women, and if left untreated, can result in life-threatening conditions. Early detection of STI will enable effective treatment and control of the disease.

Sexual health clinics are the preferred institutions for conducting check-up, diagnosis, and treatment of any conditions related to women’s sexual health. They offer free and confidential services along with testing and treatments of STI. The diagnosis and treatment services provided by a free women’s health clinic makes them ideal places for any needs pertaining to women’s sexual health.

Most health centers require making an appointment to see a doctor or counselor at the clinic. For those needing emergency attention, walk-in services are also offered by most free women’s health clinic. Below are some of the check-ups and treatments such health clinics offer to women.

Check Up

Sexual health check-ups are conducted in the clinics and provide a good opportunity for the individual to discuss any sexual health concerns. For a sexual checkup, the individual may not need any physical symptoms. Some of the standard sexual health check-ups offered in a health clinic involves collecting the individuals sexual history, examinations and tests, follow-up treatment routine, etc.

Sexual History

Asking relevant questions about your sexual history is the most important step in the check-up. These questions are highly personal and may be difficult for most individuals. However, the efficiency of check-up and treatment will dependent entirely on how honestly you answer the questions.

This information is vital to diagnose the problem and provide you with the best treatment solutions. Some of the questions include your sexual orientation, behavior, relationship history, physical symptoms, menstrual cycle, contraception, drug and alcohol use, etc.


Physical examinations are important aspects of a sexual health check-up. It involves a genital examination, blood and urine tests for STIs, Pap smear for early detection of cancer, and swab examination in the cervix, vagina, and back of the throat. The clinic doctor may recommend further tests if there is a possibility of STI in the individual.

Follow Up

Follow up is highly important for maintaining sexual health as it enables you to access the results of the test. For STIs, getting access to the results may involve personally visiting the doctor in the clinic. In addition, follow-ups assist the doctor in monitoring your treatment in case of repeating symptoms.

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    Dr. Ghassan M. Al-Jazayrly, MD

    A graduate of University of Aleppo Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Al-Jazayrly or, as he is colloquially known: Dr. AJ, is an oncologist and hematologist of a Complete Care Community Health Center (CCCHC) with more than 36 years of experience. In recent years, he’s been involved with a non profit organization known as Every Woman Counts (EWC) which provides free breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services to California’s underserved populations in order to eliminate health disparities for low-income individuals.

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