Geriatrics deals with the health and care needs of individuals aged over 65 years. It includes a set of diagnostic and specialty care extended to meet the requirements of older adults. The importance of Geriatrics is highlighted by the fact that older adults comprise one of the fastest-growing population segments in the country. This is why our low income clinics offer Geriatric services through medical professionals who are specialized in taking care of older adults in various problems like memory and behavioral disorders, nutrition, osteoporosis, etc.The primary goal of Geriatrics is to develop the overall ability of elderly patients for functioning independently in their life. This will considerably enhance the quality of life of the patient, the family members, and caregivers. In the arena of primary care, Geriatrics is mostly concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of some of the common medical conditions prevalent among the elderly such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, heart diseases, arthritis, etc.Our low income health clinics undertake a detailed analysis of the patients to individually assess the need of each of them. Moreover, it also aids in recommending a treatment plan for the elderly and the caregivers. Some of the general services and treatments offered under Geriatric care are described below.

Fall Assessment Program

Accidental falls and drops among the elderly are the leading cause of many of the complications of their health condition. It is common among the elderly patients to fall down due to ill health and it is a serious situation concerning the age of the person. The Falls Assessment Program offered under our community health center is a complete process that involves an accurate review of the medical and medication history of the patients. A complete physical examination is offered under the program that assesses the balance and walking, vision, and hearing abilities of the elderly, which will help in reducing the risks of falling in the elderly.

Osteoporosis Evaluation

Osteoporosis is a bone thinning medical condition that causes fractures in the bones of a person, and it commonly occurs in men and women aged over 50. The Osteoporosis Evaluation Program offered at our community health care centers includes a diagnosis as well as a combination of medication, dieting, and exercise for minimizing this bone weakness condition.

Memory Evaluation

Dementia and other memory related issues is a common health issue among the elderly. For treating this, the Geriatrics services offered by our low income clinics undertake a detailed medical and psychological evaluation of the patient. The program also involves the formulation of a care plan for patients suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and depression.