The Importance Of Sexual Hygiene For Women 


Since our childhood, we are taught to wash our hands before and after meals and brush our teeth before bedtime. Hygiene is socially taught and can vary from culture to culture, but the fundamental principles remain the same. After reaching the reproductive age, we learn about sexual hygiene which is important for our health. 


The Importance Of Sexual Hygiene 

Taking care of sexual hygiene is important for two main reasons. First, it helps avoid chances of getting sexually transmitted infections. Second, it decreases the possibility of getting infections that can lead to more significant issues like infertility. In addition, good sexual hygiene can also improve your sexual life. 


Taking Care Of Sexual Hygiene For Women 

The bodies of men and women are different and we have to treat them that way. Shared below are a few tips to help women take better care of intimate hygiene. You can visit a low income health clinic in your area to get more help in this regard. 


Avoid Using Body Gel On Intimate Parts 

Human skin has a pH value of 5.5 and that of our intimate parts is 3.3. This means that our intimate parts are more acidic. Using body gels and other inappropriate showering agents can disturb the pH in the intimate parts, resulting in the growth of germs and bacteria. You can use showering agents intended for genital areas if recommended by your gynecologist. 


Regularly Change Sanitary Pads 

You need to be cautious during your periods and should change your sanitary pads regularly. This is because menstrual blood absorbed into the sanitary pads can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria. You can also use sanitary pads made from natural materials as they do not promote bacterial growth. As per the experts in free womens clinic, plastic pads can increase the chances of bacterial growth and can result in serious vaginal infections. 


Change Menstrual Cups Or Tampons Frequently 

If you prefer using menstrual cups and tampons, make sure to wash your hands before and after changing them. Also, remember to use a fresh tampon every two to three hours to steer clear of any bacterial infection. 


Wash Your Genitals Often 

Washing up is very important during menstruation, as it can help prevent the development of harmful bacteria. When you are not on your period, it is advisable to wash your vagina regularly with clean water, as it can help prevent smegma production. Smegma is a build-up of old cells and moisture that can lead to an unpleasant odor in your genital area.

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