Understanding Different Types Of Cancer Treatment

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Understanding Different Types Of Cancer Treatment

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There are numerous cancer treatment options. The kind of cancer you have and its stage will determine the type of treatment you get. Some cancer patients will only receive one treatment. However, the majority of patients have a mix of therapies, including surgery, along with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

You have a lot to learn and consider when you need cancer therapy. It’s common to feel overburdened and perplexed. However, discussing with your doctor and finding out about the potential treatments you could receive can give you a sense of greater control. Experts in our low income health clinic share the details of the different types of cancer treatment available for your knowledge.

Cancer Treatment Biomarker Testing

Testing for biomarkers is a means to find genes, proteins, and other components (also known as tumor markers or biomarkers) that can reveal information about cancer. You and your doctor can choose a cancer treatment with the aid of biomarker testing.


Drugs are used in chemotherapy, a type of cancer treatment, to destroy cancer cells. You can learn about the adverse effects that chemotherapy produces, how it is used in combination with other cancer therapies, and how it works to treat cancer.

Hormone Therapy

Breast and prostate cancers that utilize hormones to grow can be treated with hormone therapy to delay or stop their growth. Before starting the therapy, you need to find out about the many hormone therapies available and any potential negative effects.


With little to no harm to healthy tissue, hyperthermia is a sort of treatment in which bodily tissue is heated to as much as 113 °F to help injure and kill cancer cells. Find out what kinds of cancer and precancers are treated with hyperthermia, how it is administered, and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so before starting the treatment.


Your immune system is assisted in fighting cancer via immunotherapy, a sort of cancer treatment. There are many forms of immunotherapy, and you need to learn about how it combats cancer, and what to anticipate throughout treatment.

Photodynamic Treatment

A medication that is triggered by light is used in photodynamic treatment to kill cancer cells and other aberrant cells. You can learn how photodynamic therapy functions, what kinds of cancer and precancers it treats, and the advantages and disadvantages of this therapy from your nearest affordable health clinic.

Radiation Treatment

High doses of radiation are used in radiation therapy, a type of cancer treatment, to destroy cancer cells and reduce tumor size. You can find out more about different types of radiation, potential adverse effects, and more from an experienced healthcare professional.

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