Oral hygiene is an important aspect of the growth in children. Pediatric dental care ensures that the primary teeth in a child remain healthy and free of any dental diseases. Primary teeth are the most crucial part in the formation of permanent adult teeth in children. Therefore, maintaining them is crucial in order to facilitate a healthy and proper development of the permanent teeth.

Tooth diseases are also prevalent among children, and that can affect both newborns as well as children under the age of 10. Tooth decay is one such problem, which can spread more rapidly into the inner teeth of the child, eventually causing it to become damaged. There are numerous pediatric dental treatments, which will help in preventing tooth decay as well as in repairing the teeth of children. Below are some of the common pediatric dental treatments for children.

Root Canal Treatment

Children are more quickly prone to tooth decay if appropriate oral hygiene is not followed. Root canal is the most commonly administered treatment to children for repairing a decayed or injured tooth.

Root canal treatments fix a decayed or damaged tooth by treating the nerves and blood vessels in the tooth. In the procedure, the infected nerves are removed and the healthy ones are provided with suitable medication to relieve them.

Saving the baby teeth are important as they help in the growth of the permanent teeth. Root canals ensure that the tooth is restored to its healthy condition, which helps in the proper development of the oral cavity.


The occurrence of cavities is common among children and is treated by applying dental sealants onto the affected tooth. These seals address any fissures and grooves on the tooth surface caused by decay thereby preventing the growth of cavities.

The sealants are applied onto the fissures on the tooth that will prevent cavity causing bacteria in inflicting further damage. This treatment method is much easier and provides protection against cavities for years.


Bonding is another major dental treatment provided to children that involves taking care of fractured or broken teeth. Minor chips commonly occur in children and bonding can treat them using teeth colored bonding materials.

The bonding materials are usually made of either glass or plastic and are used on the baby teeth or permanent teeth until the child has fully completed the facial growth.

Keeping up the oral health in children requires frequent consults with the dentist and the service is offered at many community health care centers for free for the deserving families. Get in touch with our low income health clinics to learn more.

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